People I would like to bop on the nose …. and why

I often fantasize that on a plane trip I will end up sitting next to the guy (surely it could not have been a gal?) who invented those hand dryers found in cloak-room. In fact calling them a dryer is a misnomer, they don’t really dry your hands, do they? All they do is create a nice warm environment in a place full of germs, for those very germs to thrive. So whilst he is telling me about his great invention, I will be (at least in my imagination),  punching him in the nose.
The other “design feature” I have a real problem with – and again it’s found in public bathrooms – are these wash areas that have no basins, just a bit of slanted marble that the water runs down. Goodness, I thought innovation was meant to make things better! Why is this a problem you might ask? Well I wear contact lens, and even carry a plug around with me (because there is a little kleptomaniac gremlin who always steals basin plugs), for the time when I need to clean them. No chance to do this over the tilted shelf, because drop a lens and kiss it goodbye!
And finally, there is whoever came up with the idea that chaos is a good idea. It might have been Tom Peters. Tom probably always flies up front in First Class, – thinking I might be flying in First Class is a REAL fantasy for me, so I can’t even think I might get close enough to bop him, but I can “kvetch” about it. He and his many disciples will probably tell me it helps innovation, creativity, and all manner of positive outcomes. Me, I think it just causes chaos and trouble for everyone in its wake. I wonder if the good people of Haiti or Chile think chaos is a good idea – I don’t think so.


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