About Me

I am an  independent consultant, and partner in The Training Corporation (www.thetrainingcorporation.co.za). The Training Corporation offers a selection of on-site courses focused on improving Communications Skills for various audiences. The Training Corporation are also distributors  for ej4 video-based e-learning.

I help small businesses to develop marketing plans that take advantage of Social Media.

My consultancy practice focuses on designing and implementing learning programs that align to business strategy, and how to measure results.

I was General Manager at Laragh Skills, a SkillSoft Distributor, and worked with several clients as a strategic account manager to assist with e-learning implementations.

I am a past President of the Computer Society of South Africa (CSSA), and continue to serve on CSSA Exco, as a Director and Honorary Treasurer.  I am also a trustee of the South African Computer Olympiad.  I am the proud recipient of the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Information & Communications Technology in November (2009). I am a Fellow and Professional Member of the Society.

I am Chairman of the Board of Career Planet, a not-for-profit dedicated to bringing career information to learners from disadvantaged communities.

I am a Director, responsible for Marketing, on IFIP IP3 (International Professional Practice Partnership), which was founded at the beginning of 2007 by the International Federation of Information Professionals (IFIP) to further the aims of professionalism in the industry on an international scale.

I am passionate about learning, and also believes in the value of developing people to their fullest potential. I have spoken at several conferences on various aspects of learning, including Measuring ROI in L&D, Social Learning, and Emergent Learning Landscapes, and am available for speaking engagements at company and public events. I embrace  lifelong learning, and keep myself up to date by utilizing the many resources available on the web.

For more details za.linkedin.com/pub/moira-de-roche/1/149/49b/


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