Social Media Marketing

Small Businesses have an amazing opportunity to market their business at little or no cost by taking advantage of social media.

The only requirement is to have a plan, because it is important that marketing activities meet your goals, and are coordinated. I can do this for you. (Read why a Digital Marketing Plan is necessary).

For the all inclusive price of only ZAR2,500, you’ll get:

  1. A two (2) hour consultation where I will find out about your business, your goals, your target market, and what marketing (if any) you currently have in place.
  2. A marketing plan that will include a social media activity schedule, as well as metrics to measure success.
  3. Set up of your social media accounts if you don’t already have these.
  4. Set up Social Media management .

If your company is not in South Africa, I can still do this. We will interact using virtual meeting technology.

For a small retainer, ongoing social media activities and posts can be managed on your behalf. Content can be written for you. Prices will be negotiated depending on the requirement.

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