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Seminar – Driving Business Results with Workforce Strategy

IITPSA / SABPP Human Capital Strategy Seminar 15 October 2013

Driving Business Results with Workforce Strategy, Information and Metrics

SABPP and IITPSA, in conjunction with TalentAlign, are delighted to announce our first combined HR and IT Strategy event, taking place on 15 October 2013 at The Wanderers Club in Illovo.

  • Do your IT, HR and Business Intelligence functions interface to create Human Capital analytics?
  • Does your HR data and information provide knowledge and business intelligence for improved decision-making on human capital?
  • Do you have the measures to understand and communicate the connections between HR investments, their effects on the workforce and organization, and the impact on sustainable strategic success?
  • Does your workforce measurement system motivate the conversations that drive strategic change?

This seminar will show you how to align human capital analytics with business and HR strategies, leveraging the data you have to build and deliver workforce and HR metrics that will improve results.


Terry Meyer, Strategy and Leadership Consultant looks at “The Art of Strategy: Why bad strategies get made and good ones fail”.  He will cover areas such as:

•             Strategy, leadership & change – the golden triangle

•             Strategy in a turbulent world – the future is not what you think

•             The power of “why” – how purpose makes the difference

•             The leadership lens – how leaders see the world

•             The art of strategy – it’s a political process

•             Why good strategies fail – capability is key

•             HR & IT – a marriage made in heaven or hell?


Rob Bothma, Industry Specialist – Human Capital Management Solutions at NGA Africa, looks at HR Informatics, whose stated goal is to fully integrate HR with Information Technology through data. There is an essential need to transform HR data into information and then transform this information in knowledge. The value lies in being able to use this knowledge in the decision-making process, which will assist the organisation in achieving its goals.

Organisations have been collecting huge amounts of data over several years through their traditional transactions systems, HR Informatics now provides a mechanism to transform the HR Information System into a Decision Support system by enabling users to analyse their data to identify trends, inefficiencies and assist in predictive analysis.

This session will cover the background to Informatics, how it can assist HR and the challenges and benefits HR can achieve by investing in the latest technologies available.


Gail Sturgess, A Senior Consultant, owner of TalentAlign and an IITPSA Director will cover key aspects of linking Human Capital to business success.

For many years, theories have existed about the contribution of people to company performance.  Some theories focus on productivity measures and how productivity increases and reduced costs are the consequence of adding more physical capital (e.g., computing technologies and smarter systems) to a company’s balance sheet.  Physical capital got all the credit and return-on-investment calculations for physical capital were widely used to show strengths and weaknesses of business performance.  Human capital was relegated to a secondary position and as a result, even basic headcount reporting practices can be widely inaccurate.

Recent research investigated the relationship between human capital management practices and the financial impact that those practices have on organization performance.  In the analysis it became evident that the key question to answer is not “does it matter if organizations manage their human capital well?” rather, it is, “how much and in what ways should companies invest in talent management practices to maximize shareholder return?”  In a nutshell, what level of resources should be devoted to managing or optimizing human capital?

The objective of this presentation is to stimulate discussion, create a rationale for greater interest in human capital metrics, and increase availability of human capital data.


Marius Meyer, CEO of the SABPP, will cover People Management, Human Capital and Technology: Integration, Alignment and Optimisation:

•             Organisational capabilities

•             Technology as an HR competency and standard

•             Workforce analytics and metrics

•             The 10 V’s of HR Technology Management


Event Details:

Date: 15 October 2013

Time: 08h30 – 13h00 (Registration from 08h00)

Venue: The Wanderers Club, 21 North Street, Illovo, Johannesburg

Cost: IITPSA and SABPP members: R798.00 – Non-members: R890.00

For more information, or to register, email Lerina Nel (lerina@iitpsa.org.za)

Driving Business Results with Workforce Strategy, Information and Metrics