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Small Business Social Media Marketing

Until a few years ago, start-ups and small businesses, marketing was a pipe dream. There just was no budget and let’s face it, marketing was expensive. And sometimes out of desperation some money was spent on advertising, but because it did not form part of an integrated marketing plan it was a waste.

bigstock-Scratched-cardboard-card-with--31961567But now, an abundance of social media and the opportunity afforded to business for marketing and even public  relations, it’s a new dawn. Small businesses can take advantage of social media at little cost, and compete with much bigger businesses.

The phenomenon is experiencing incredible growth, so it is vital to have an online presence and a social media strategy.

You can find yourself wasting a lot of time though: to guard against this, and to make the most of the opportunity, you need a marketing plan which details how you will roll-out your strategy.

Some of the questions that might crop up are:

  • Is my business interesting enough? Of course it is, you would not put all your passion into a boring business would you? (It’s also peculiar that no-one asked this question when it came to traditional marketing.)
  • There are so many brands out there. How do I get my business noticed?
  • What’s so difficult about Social Media? (The “social” part of course!)
  • Which social media platforms should we use?
  • As a small business, with few people, how do we create content?
  • How do we get leads from social media?
  • How do we integrate social activities with our website and brochure ware?
  • How do we measure success?

Social Media Marketing is not rocket science, and there are literally hundreds of resources available to help you learn more. But it  still takes time. Get some help with the marketing and implementation plan. Without a plan, you’ll waste lots of time and have little success.

Without a social media strategy and team, even the best brands fail. Let me become part of the team that makes you successful.  Find out more.